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Google (ODO) / Shipping Policy

Order Shipping & Policy

Several options are available to recieve your purchased items.
   Pick up at Sterl Kitchens
       Cost: $0
       Sterl Kitchens is located at 5426 Tonnelle Ave., North Bergen, NJ 07047.
       Please call (201)866-7999 to confirm hours for pickup and that your order is ready.
   Tailgate Delivery
       Cost: Variable depending on size and location of delivery
       A Tailgate Delivery is a delivery where the customer must provide able bodied people to take the products from the tailgate of the truck. The truck will park in the street as close to the adress as possible.  This does not include liftgate service, putting the items on the ground or backing up to the driveway.
   "White Glove" Inside Delivery
       Cost: Variable depending on size and location of delivery
       Items can be carried inside to the first room on the first floor.
       An option exists to deliver items to other floors and rooms pending safety and feasibility.
All external delivery requirements, for example high rise condo buildings requiring COI, reserving an appropriate elevator, etc... and related costs are the responsibility of the customer and must be conveyed in writing to within 24hours of order placement.

About "on display to order" (ODO)

We show some products that are displayed in the showroom which are not available for immediate purchase.

   Customers who are looking for products on Google, may see our ads with the “in-store” or “Available to order” annotation.
Please find on our (ODO) items landing page approximate delivery  / pick-up times as well as full shipping details such as cost and policy.

Normally the "on display to order" availability must be displayed on the landing page.
If a different variant of the item is on display to order, it must state “Variant on display to order”.

The availability [availability] attribute should be added to the local product inventory feed and use "on_display_to_order" as the value. If the attribute quantity [quantity] is provided in the feed, use “1” for on display to order items.

Optional: Other attributes such as available color, size, and fabric variants for the items on display in your primary feed. If displaying variants of an item, ensure that all of the specified variants are available for the customer to view in your shop (for example, size, color, and fabric).

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